Steve Middleton – Welcome to the Apprenticeship Podcast

In Steve Middleton – Welcome to the Apprenticeship Podcast, Steve walks us through his latest venture, a podcast launched in conjunction with his business school, Elite Apprenticeships. He’s an adviser at MiddletonMurray, a UK-based apprenticeship company. With his extensive knowledge of the industry, he has set his sights on reaching out to the American demographic to start a movement.

A glaring lack of engagement in the field, however, has made him decide to step up his game, hence the birth of a show devoted to apprenticeship and its nitty-gritty.

“There is really not enough discussion on this industry in terms of media.” – Welcome to the Apprenticeship Podcast, Steve Middleton

Elite Apprenticeships Offshoot

Steve dubs the Elite Apprenticeships as a spinoff of Middleton Murray. Established in June 2017, the San Francisco-based business school aims to propel the apprenticeship industry to new heights in the Bay Area and West Coast of the US.

And what better way to connect with more people and introduce them to the world of opportunities that is apprenticeship? With this in mind, he’s launching The Apprenticeship Podcast (TAP) to tap—pun intended—industry experts, policymakers, and business leaders from all across the apprenticeship industry. Together, they will create a show that will not only educate but also share the apprenticeship experience with listeners from around the globe.

What to Expect: In Threes

The Apprenticeship Podcast will involve apprentices, employers, and policymakers. Topics of discussion will be three main things: how to get an apprenticeship, how to set up an apprenticeship program for your business, and how to regulate the apprenticeship industry. Various guests from the different niches will be invited and special edition episodes will be brought in!

This chock-full fountain of information will drop every two weeks, on Tuesdays at 9 AM. So what else are you waiting for?

To hear the rest of what Steve Middleton has to say, download and listen to Steve Middleton – Welcome to the Apprenticeship Podcast!

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