Many often confuse apprenticeship with an internship but what exactly does it mean? Brent Parton shares his thoughts on this, including the priorities for policymakers and the role of the intermediary market.

“If you want to grow an apprenticeship in the United States, look at where it’s worked and try to replicate it to new industries.” – Brent Parton

What Apprenticeship Means

Brent is the Deputy Director of The Center of Education and Skills at New America. He has worked in various industries regarding apprenticeship in the local and state areas.

According to him, apprenticeship is a way of learning. It is more than just connecting to a specific job.

Two Ways of Learning

Apprenticeship blends two valuable settings. It allows the apprentice to learn in the job and in the classroom.

“Learning to learn and having a consistent skill development is so important today.” – Brent Parton

It also covers two ways of learning: conceptual and applied. With many individuals transitioning from one job or classroom to another, it is important to learn in both ways.

A Foundation to Strengthen and Keep

There is a social contract to consider in order to make the “learning” effective. According to Brent, apprenticeship is founded on a mutual benefit.

“Apprenticeship is a contract between the mentor and the apprentice.” – Brent Parton

One provides the work, while the other contributes to make that work productive. An imbalance, however, has the capacity to destroy that benefit.

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