Your Key To Smart Hiring.

An apprenticeship provides an innovative approach to filling the talent gap and streamlining the hiring process in your business.

Apprenticeships combine bespoke training with ongoing mentorship.


Our Story

How it Works


Free consultation with our partnership team to identify the skills gaps in your business & tell us about the type of apprentice you want.


Interview a select group of candidates who have been hand selected for your company.


Choose the best candidate for the role and offer them the position.


Integrate your apprentice into the team, identify milestones & plan for the year ahead.


Our highly trained mentors work with you and your apprentice throughout the year to develop the skills laid out in your custom curriculum.


After the apprentice successfully completes their program, decide if you want to hire them as a fully trained employee in your business.


Reduce the Skills Gap

• Companies train apprentices in the specific skills they need to drive results in your organization.

• Elite Apprenticeships designs a custom curriculum for you to drive accelerated, occupational, on-the-job learning.

Increase Diversity

• Elite Apprenticeships are committed to increasing diversity.

• Integrate young talent into your teams with a fresh perspective built on a variety of backgrounds & experiences.

Improve Retention

• 83% of apprentices go on to achieve full-time positions at their company. There is no obligation to hire an apprentice on completion of the program – but if you don’t, your competitor will!

Apprenticeship vs Internship

Apprenticeships Internships
Term 12 Months 1-3 months (usually "summer internships")
Quality Assurance Registration under state or federal labor agencies Little to none
Curriculum Design Bespoke training curriculum designed in line with your unique requirements Unstructured (typically)
Outcome / Progress Tracking Cloud based “e-Portfolio” with integrated milestones & real time progress tracking Usually none
Mentorship Monthly workplace visits by your dedicated career coach to monitor progress & ensure timely completion Irregular or non-existent


What is the process of identifying a qualified apprentice for my company?

Once you sign up with Elite Apprenticeships, you can visit our offices every week to interview an entire group of potential apprentices that have been pre-selected for your business.

Can I test the applicants before committing?

Our clients are primarily based in the Bay area, with our training facilities located nearby so it’s easy to attend classes when you need to.

Can I speak to other employers who have experience with Apprenticeship?

Yes! After signing up with Elite Apprenticeships, you will have access to our network of award-winning “Employers of the Month” and hearing their stories.