Real World Skills. No Student Debt.

An apprenticeship is a 1-year work based training program that combines on-the-job training with a nationally recognized career qualification.

An Apprenticeship will help you:

  • Launch a successful career.
  • Learn valuable real world skills.
  • Earn money with no student debt.

Our Story

How it Works

Meet Our Team

Come into our office & meet our team - we’ll have a discussion about your career ambitions to find the right opportunity for you!


Attend group and individual interviews with the hiring company to see if you’ll be a good match with their team & culture.

Get Hired!

Congratulations! You’ve been selected & have agreed a start date for your apprenticeship.

Mentorship & Onboarding

Meet your mentor & complete onboarding training before you start.

Launch Your Career

In your first week, meet with your mentor & manager to agree milestones and schedule future training.


Apprenticeship vs Internship

Apprenticeships Internships
Term 12 Months 1-3 months
Quality Assurance Registration under state or federal labor agencies Little to none
Recognized Credential National, portable certificate of occupational competence none
Compensation Competitive training wage, typically 50% of regular employees; raised incrementally throughout the year Stipend or Unpaid
Training 200 hours of practical skills instruction Unstructured

Apprenticeship vs College

Apprenticeships College
Term 12 Months 2-6 years
Student Debt $0.00 $100,000+
Compensation Competitive Training Wage $0.00
Real World Experience 1-2 year full-time job in a real business 0 years
Mentorship Personal support from experienced industry professionals Unstructured


1: What type of apprenticeships can I do?

Apprenticeships take place in all types of jobs & businesses. We specialize in creating apprenticeship programs in white collar businesses for jobs like sales, digital marketing, operations, hospitality, software developers, software engineers, cyber security & many more…

2: Where are the companies based?

Our clients are primarily based in the Bay area, with our training facilities located nearby so it’s easy to attend classes when you need to.

3: How much do I get paid?

Salaries vary depending on the type of apprenticeship, however typically you will be paid 50% of the salary of regular employees. We recommend our clients pay a minimum of $35,000 to an apprentice during the duration of the program.

4: Can it be longer than 1 year?

Yes. The duration of the apprenticeships can vary in length (1-4 years). Some programs gradually require an increase in the level of complexity.

5: How regularly will I see my mentor?

At least once every month, not including scheduled training classes. Mentors will visit your business and meet with you and your manager every month to discuss progress against your milestones.